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  Cord Blood Collection Company Biocord Ltd - SituGen



Cord Blood Collection Company Biocord Ltd - SituGen

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Cord blood as we all know is one of the hot "controversy free" methods of collecting umbilical cord stem cells for both research and a growing variety of stem cell therapies

Biocord Ltd. has entered the growing number of cord blood collection companies with a medical device that it hopes to market to hospitals and health care facilities 

This one however, gets away from the "traditional" (hate to traditional .. makes it sound like this has been going on for decades) needle extraction methods 

Several links to related articles .. but from Israel21C we get that Biocord''''''''s tool is different in that it is made mainly of polypropylene and latex, the SituGen comprises a holder which clamps around the umbilical cord, holding the cord in place as the placenta is delivered and absorbing the maternal blood so it doesn''''''''t contaminate the baby''''''''s cord blood. Attached to the holder through a sophisticated synchronization and sealing mechanism is a sterilization chamber into which the blood flows. A syringe is connected to the other end of the chamber which can be removed when full, emptied and then refilled 

There''''''''s no needle, there''''''''s no bottleneck, it''''''''s one hundred percent disinfected and sterilized, which is a must in this 
process, explains Shacham. [Miki Shacham, CEO of Ramat-Gan-based Israeli cord blood bank company and the inventor of the new device

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