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The emerging field of Cord Blood Banking (hundreds of thousands of annual collections, with a high growth rate), lacks a reliable and a quality method / device for collection.

CBSC (Cord Blood Stem Cells) are known to be of better quality in almost all parameters, compared to Bone Marrow Stem Cells (BMSC). In addition, BMSC can be used for only treating Hematological illnesses, due to its ability to produce only the blood cells. CBSC on the other hand, can produce other body cells and tissues, resulting over 100 illnesses treated today with CBSC (only 30-40 in the year 2000), and the number is still growing with the massive research.

THE major problem of Cord Blood Banking by private and public banks, is the limited volume of blood extracted by using the only technique known today - gravitation into a blood donor bag. This small volume of blood enables transplants only to about 30kg body weight patients (pediatric) and is not sufficient not for adults.

SituGen’s solution is a disposable device and kit for CBSC collection, specifically designed to solve the problem of blood quantity and enables to maximize the volume of UCB and number of Stem Cells harvested.

SituGen is active in Research & Development in the fields of Stem Cells, Cord Blood and Placenta-Umbilicus Coagulation and has developed a novel devices for effective, reproducible and cost-effective extraction of Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB). 

With over 80 illnesses treated today by stem cells it is not surprising that the field of Stem Cells Therapy is considered to be the “next-thing” in Medicine.


Mr. Yehuda Zisapel
Mr. Yehuda Zisapel (EE.MSc., MBA, DHC) is the founder and the president of the Rad-Bynet Group, a leading pioneering association of Israeli companies.Mr. Zisapel, is also the owner of  RAD BioMed Incubator Ltd., Israel’s preeminent bio-medical incubator. 

Dr. Miki Shacham

Mr. Shacham - SituGen's Entrepreneur and Chief Scientist (B.Sc. in Industrial & Management Engineering  MBA - at Tel Aviv University & PhD), a Serial Entrepreneur  of Hi-tech & Medical companies.

Mr. Ori Ben-Amotz

Mr. Ben-Amotz (MBA at Tel Aviv University) is the company's CEO since September 2016.

Ori  was the CEO of Atria Medical, CFO & COO in several International companies in the Semiconductor,  Aerospace and  Logistics industries. 

The Products


 – SituGen Device -  a disposable kit for CBSC collection, boosting the volume of collected Cord Blood by 80% - Novel Breakthrough which solves the basic quantity problem and maximizing the number of Stem Cells. 

The main device has completed the final Clinical Trials in Israel and was launched in Israel and  is expected to be available to international marketing during 2017.

- Situgen Active Bag - a simplified product, expected to boost the collected cord blood volume by 30%, will be available also in 2017.


Further R&D

SituGen has initiated further R&D programs - the Cord Blood coagulation aspects in the Placenta-Umbilicus system.



The regulation process (FDA + CE) is in an advance stage, expected to be completed soon.


Intellectual Property 

SituGen is a breakthrough device entering an expecting and established market. Three different IP families were placed Internationally, covering the majority of the world market active in cord blood applications and collections.

מיקי שחם

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