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The Need

The limited volume of blood collected from the Umbilical Cord substantially limits the ability to fully exploit its potential.

Currently, the average volume of blood collected restricts the therapeutic use of Cord Blood Stem Cells (CBSCs) to patients weighing an average of only about 27kg (57 lbs), which eliminates the majority of adult patients.

There is a need for a simple, reproducible, low-cost – fully sterile – not contaminated method to increase the quality and quantity of Cord Blood collected and the number of Stem Cells extracted.


The SituGen Solution

  • SituGen has developed the SituGen novel device for effective, reproducible and cost-effective – fully sterile – method to increase the quality of Cord Blood collected and the number of Stem Cells extracted.
  • SituGen’s solution is a disposable comprehensive, all-inclusive kit for CBSC collection, designed to solve the problem of blood quantity and maximize the volume of UCB and the number and quality of Stem Cells extracted.
  • The Situgen novel device is needle-free, relieving the “bottleneck” affect created due to a needle.
  • The SituGen device is fully disinfected and sterilized according to the requirements for all blood collection devices.


  • First and only device capable of extracting sufficient quantities of Stem Cells for transplantation in most adult patients
  • Completely Closed & Sterile environment collection
  • Definite increase in Stem Cell quantity & quality
  • Less dependent on collector expertise
  • Needle Free
  • Disposable
  • Cost effective, High ROI

                          Traditional method                                                       SituGen - SG1040

Open” collection in a complete, fully sterile, hermetically Closed environmentneedle-free!

Traditional, Passive Method 16G 1/2) mm diameter) needle inserted into a 4mm vein causes a bottle-neck

Average of 102 mL 10.1 x 10^8 TNC > +68% 73%) of the after birth residual blood in the Placenta)

Average of 60 mL - 4.7 x 10^8 TNC in Private Banks, 89 mL 10.4 x 10^8 TNC in Public Banks (less than half the blood in thePlacenta)

Maternal Cells presence in 0% of the samples

Maternal Cells presence in up to 15% of the samples

Serves patients weighing 59 Kg (106 lbs) in average

Serves only patients weighing up

to 35 kg (77 lbs) in Average

Children & adults

Mainly children

The SituGen is a comprehensive, all-inclusive Collection Kit(*)

The Blood Donor Bag is one component in the Collection Kit

(*) A sterile blister including peripheral assisting items for successful collection. 


Development Status

  • Clinical trials have been conducted at one of Israel's major Medical Centers and the device was launched in Israel.
  • Patent applications were filed covering the apparatus and method for collecting human cord blood from the placenta and the umbilical cord. 
  • SituGen has already initiated an advanced R&D program - the Cord Blood coagulation aspects in the Placenta - Umbilical Cord System.

SituGen brochure  Click here

SituGen marketing presentation Click here.

SituGen Presentation Click here

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